“Sliding Into Sustainability” – INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE

Tom’s Shoes located in Los Angeles California was designed by Shimoda Design Group.  This project utilized about 17,000 square feet of reclaimed Douglas Fir and other mixed soft woods from Northern Montana supplied by RJW International.  This wood is unique in it own right.  Each lot of wood, if you look hard enough, can be traced back to the individual barn from which it came…




Below, pick out the red planks installed on the walls.  Now look at the picture of the barn.  From the mountains and plateaus of Northern Montana all the way to Los Angeles…  Incredible to think about!

Tom's Shoes, Los Angeles, CA

Barn, Northern MontanaBarn, Northern Montana Tom's Shoes Phase 2, Los Angeles, CA


To Market Atmosphere at USC’s New John McKay Center for Athletes

After over three years of planning a design, RJW International and To Market have successfully completed the specifications and manufacturing of Atmosphere rubber flooring.  The floor was installed in weight rooms, training rooms, locker rooms, hallways, etc. over a period of about 4 months just in time for the unveiling and ribbon cutting ceremony which took place in late Summer 2012.  The new facility, which cost over $70 million dollars and spans over 110, 000 square feet, is state-of-the-art and undoubtedly one of the best in the NCAA.

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New From Okite

New from To Market

To Market at NeoCon 2012

To Market, Inc. is participating in “Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion” at NeoCon.  We will feature OZOGrip 2 patterns, Industria and Airstream, in the Pavilion Showcases.  The space is 8-3130 on the 8th floor of Merchandise Mart.  To Market, Inc. is also featuring a full page ad for OZOGrip in the NeoCon issue Interiors & Sources.

To Market Unicork “Kroma” Flooring

These photos were taken at the Real D corporate offices in Beverly Hills designed by Wolcott in Culver City.  This is a custom “White” Unicork Kroma cork floor.  This floor is specifically designed for commercial traffic and performs extremely well.  Unicork is manufactured in the Netherlands under strict EU environmental standards; and in addition, Unicork is Floor Score Certified, listed in the Pharos Project database, and is ISO 14001 and 9001 Certified.  This product, as you can see, is the pinnacle of sustainable flooring, not to mention, absolutely beautiful.

To Market Ozoloc Granite Resilient Flooring

The photos below were taken at the new Legal Zoom offices in Glendale, CA.  The interior project was designed by Wolcott in Culver City.  To Market Ozoloc Granite TM71183 is utilized in the design by creating a pathway around the interior of the space in both floors of this 90,000 square foot office space.  As you can see the flooring is really unique an quite attractive.  Ozoloc is a free floating flooring system that requires no troweling of Adhesive and loose lays right over the substrate or old flooring previously installed.  In this particular space the substrate where the Ozoloc was installed was covered in old existing carpet adhesive and had a noticeably sloping surface, but neither is an issue with installing OzolocOzoloc is FloorScore Certified for low VOC and requires no adhesive so it is great for indoor air quality and can be installed very easily in an occupied space without disturbing the occupants.